Verdict on Auschwitz: Nazi Trial Documentary Chronicles the Horrors of the Holocaust
by Kam Williams

Between 1963 and 1965, a score of ex-Nazis were put on trial in Frankfurt for participating in the systematic slaughter of six million Jews at Auschwitz. Before delivering its verdict, the German court heard chilling testimony from hundreds of witnesses, including 211 concentration camp internees and the 20 defendants. Fortunately, because the entire proceeding was preserved on audiotape, these detailed eyewitness accounts are still around today to refute the growing number of nuts who now question whether the Holocaust ever happened.
While a transcript of the entire 430 hours of tapes is available on DVD-ROM from the Fritz Bauer Institute, a much more manageable way of revisiting the landmark case might be by simply seeing Verdict on Auschwitz. For this grim documentary offers a rare glimpse not only into the minds of numerous, unrepentant Nazi monsters but into those of their anguished victims, as well.