Auschwitz Survivor Cantor Leo F ettman tells
his poignant and often tragic life story in
SHOAH: Journey from the Ashes
written by Paul M. Howey
includes an historical prologue which chronicles
2000 years of antisemitism which led inexorably
to Hitler’s “Final Solution” and the creation of death
camps whose names still eek of the horrors that occurred
in them -Chelmno, Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, Majdanek,
and Auschwitz. It was in Auschwitz that Cantor Fettman
lost nearly every member of his immediate family.
With honesty and self examination, Cantor Fettman
relates how he was force to work in the crematorium,
was experimented on by the infamous Dr. Mengele, was
shunted from one forced labor camp to another, and how
he survived a bungled att empt by a Nazi SS officer to
hang him. He describes how, through it all, his faith was
tested yet grew stronger as a result of the ordeals.

Shoah also examines the motives behind those who
are attempting to revise or even deny the fact that the
Holocaust ever occurred. Also included is a look into
the hate, based groups th t are proliferating today.
Cantor Fettman’s theme throughout the book is one of
tolerance, acceptance, hope, and love, all while remaining
vigilant and remembering the past in order to avoid
in the future such evils a the Holocaust. He travels
throughout the United Sates speaking to audiences of all
ages about the Holocaust and Judaism. Shoah will enable
even larger audiences to ear his important message.
SHOAH: Journey from the Ashes 14.95
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