Together in the Sandbox
By Israel Zwick, CN Publications, January 13, 2007

Mrs. Ivri and Mrs. Ahmady were neighbors in a multi-ethnic neighborhood in New York City. Though they didn’t have a close relationship, they were still cordial with each other. For example, if they were cooking and ran out of ingredients, they might borrow eggs or vegetables from each other. Occasionally, they would watch each other’s children if a need arose. Each had a 4-year old son. Mrs. Ivri’s son was Yaakov and Mrs, Ahmady’s son was Walid. The children didn’t have a close relationship either because each went to a different preschool program. Yaakov attended the one at his local synagogue and Walid went to the one at the local mosque.

One day, Mrs. Ivri met Mrs. Ahmady in front of the house and said, “It’s such a beautiful day, why don’t we take the boys to the park so they can play together.”

“That’s a great idea,” responded Mrs. Ahmady, “let’s go get them.”