Holocaust memory ceremony in London
By David Byers Updated: 23/Jan/2007 13:16

LONDON (EJP)— A Holocaust survivor who hid only a few doors away from Anne Frank in Amsterdam lit commemorative candles at a charity lunch in London on Monday, as new figures showed almost half of modern-day Brits believe a Holocaust could happen in the UK.

Sybilla Friedler – who took refuge with her family in Amsterdam during World War Two in the same neighbourhood as Anne Frank and her family – took part in a special ceremony along with Eva Clarke, who miraculously survived being born in Mauthausen death camp, and Ismail Jarbo, who recently fled the killings in Darfur.

The ceremony, in which children of a several different faiths also spoke about the modern day discrimination they have suffered, was part of a special lunchtime event held at London’s Hilton on Park Lane on Monday that was organised by the Anne Frank Trust, which promotes inter-faith understanding and battles racism.