Greek Jewish leaders noted the country’s lack of Holocaust memorials.

“It is really perplexing that Athens is the only European capital that does not have a monument of Jewish martyrs,” Moses Kostantinis, president of the Central Jewish Board in Greece, said Monday in Athens at a service marking the U.N.-designated Holocaust memorial day.

Athens Mayor Nikos Kaklamanis promised that a monument would be erected soon.

The commemoration started in the Athens synagogue, and participants then laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier outside Parliament and went to the Greek Orthodox Metropolis, where Kostantinis and the archbishop of Greece unveiled a plaque at the feet of the statue of Damaskinos, the country’s archbishop during World War II.

Damaskinos sent a letter to the wartime Greek prime minister, saying that he would be held accountable if any harm befell the country’s Jews.

When the German commandant of Greece told Damaskinos that he would shoot him if he did not rescind the letter, Damaskinos reportedly answered: “Greek clerics are never shot. They are hanged. Please respect the tradition.”

Damaskinos helped save hundreds of Jews by giving them false identity cards.