KAPELUSZNIK – Mordechai and Baila (nee MICHALEVICH) originally came from
Odessa but they moved to Lodz abt. 1910.

They had 6 children, Sarah their first child was born in Lodz in 1913,
shortly afterwards Mordechai and Baila who ran a junk business in Lodz,
moved to the town of Kolo, where their other children were born – Malka
1917, Yedel 1921, Lola 1925, Bluma 1927 and Rifka 1929. They lived on Ulica

Lola appears to be the only surviving member of her family, after the war
she tried to return to Kolo but was persuaded not to do so as it was too
Eventually she married in 1946 and in 1951 immigrated with her husband and
daughter to the United States.
No pages of testimony were ever made out for Lola’s family – she was given
to understand that they perished in Chelmo, but she has no proof.
If anyone has knowledge of the above KAPELUSZNIKS, or is indeed a relation
that somehow survived the Shoah, Lola at the age of 82 is still looking for
any information about her extended family.
Please contact me privately.

Thank you.

Patricia Wilson (Israel)

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