Holocaust survivor meets Polish woman whose family saved her from the Nazis

By MONIKA SCISLOWSKA (Associated Press Writer)
Associated Press

WARSAW, Poland – Miriam Schmetterling still remembers the day in 1944 when Mikolaj Tracz appeared at the top of the ladder to the attic where she had been hiding with her husband and his parents, and another Jewish family, for 10 months.

“You can come out now,” she remembers Tracz saying. “The Germans are gone.”

“I can live,” was her first thought. “I can live now.”

More than 60 years later, Schmetterling wept as she hugged Tracz’s daughter, Jozefa Tracz-Czekaj, who as a teenager helped her parents hide the two Jewish families. It was their first reunion since the war, at a Jewish Claims Conference ceremony honoring Poles who saved their Jewish neighbors and friends from the Holocaust. MORE.