New Project Will Showcase Rabbinical Holocaust Literature

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A new database of Holocaust literature written by rabbis in various sifrei kodesh was launched recently, the Jerusalem Municipality’s Department for Torah Culture said. The database was developed by the Michlalah Holocaust Research Center, and includes works relating to the Holocaust – often in the introduction to sefarim – that have appeared over the past several decades.

Rabbis and scholars who survived the Holocaust sometimes set down their memories and reflections concerning the Holocaust not in a separate volume, but as an introduction or preface to a scholarly volume, including halachic or homiletic works, treatises on Jewish philosophy, and commentaries.

The prefaces relate to their respective books, but can also be read as independent works. Usually, they include the author’s autobiography, with added memoirs and reflections on the subject. The database and index will enable scholars and others to easily locate these articles in a wide range of sefarim.