It is my pleasure to announce that the Winter 2007 edition of If Not Now is now online at This online journal is dedicated to all of those people who care for and about Holocaust survivors and their families.

This edition of If Not Now is unique in that 3 generations of Survivor families have contributed thoughts, opinions, research and literary reviews, bringing together personal reflections, research, experiential and poetic perspectives on survivor families. The life of this Journal is a testament to the breadth and depth of the topic, and the diversity of this edition’s contributors reflects the rich and complex potential of the study. Articles from the USA, Israel, Canada and Russia explore aspects of family, communication, strengths and challenges, finishing up with a unique look at all of these themes from the poet’s perspective. A sincere thank you to all of our contributors.

It is enthusiastic and generous sharing of these individuals that has made If Not Now such a valuable resource for so many. In sharing our practice, our considerations, our challenges and our accomplishments we can continue to improve our response in caring for and supporting survivors and their families. Readers are invited to submit articles or reports for the Spring edition. Please contact me at

Thank you,
Paula David

Paula David
Holocaust Resource Program
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