Romania whitewash of Transnistria invasion angers Holocaust survivors

A Romanian court has ruled that it was OK to invade Transnistria in World War II, even though it had never been part of Romania at any time in history. Holocaust survivors call the decision an attempt at whitewashing and compares it to Holocaust denial. Russia’s Foreign Ministry is also outraged.

By Times staff, 10/Mar/2007

BUCHAREST (Tiraspol Times) – According to a Romanian court, the country’s 1941 invasion of Pridnestrovie – then called Transnistria – was legitimate. Relatives of more than 300,000 Jews who died as a result disagree, and the whitewash has Holocaust survivors in tears. The Bucharest Court of Appeals delivered the decision in December 2006. As a consequence of the ruling, members of the Romanian government who had been condemned in 1946 for their decision to attack Pridnestrovie (Transnistria, in Romanian) together with the Nazis were pardoned of any war crime of invading foreign territory.