Anti-Semitism is blamed for furore over Lord Levy
By Colin Brown, Deputy Political Editor
Published: 10 March 2007

As the man at the centre of the most high-profile political scandal for years, Lord Levy has enjoyed precious few public expressions of support in recent weeks.

But yesterday the peer found comfort in the form of his many allies in London’s Jewish community as a succession of voices claimed that a witchhunt against him was being fuelled partly by anti-Semitism.

Sir Alan Sugar, the Amstrad tycoon and hard-hitting star of the reality television series The Apprentice, said he feared that Lord Levy would be made a “scapegoat” in the police investigation into the cash-for-honours affair.

The famously outspoken businessman claimed that some attacks were being made in newspapers with a record of being “negative” about Jews and Asians. “I think they rub it in when either the Asian or the Jewish community get themselves into some form of trouble,” he said.