Mass grave’ fashion photo ignites fury
By: israelinsider staff
Published: March 11, 2007

A photograph for Dan Cassidi’s summer collection depicting model Zuzana Gregorova next to what appears to be an open mass grave ignited public fury when reported on by Israel’s Channel 10 news Thursday, wrote Haaretz.

Meir Kadosh, the publicist behind the creative concept of the photo shoot, said the images were to be used not in an ad campaign, but in an article for Tel Aviv Magazine – an idea to which the clothing chain Dan Cassidi agreed as long as the company’s name appeared in the article.

Kadosh, who claimed the source of the campaign idea was a 17-year-old Dan Cassidi model who had never learned of the Holocaust, said he wanted to warn against another holocaust, charging that it was to come if Iran succeeds in attacking Israel with nuclear weapons. He also wanted the photos to oppose Holocaust denial.

However, “he denied using Holocaust motifs and said the huge hole in the ground stood for what could be the mass grave of Tel Aviv’s complacent residents,” reported Haaretz.

Many Holocaust survivor organizations were appalled by the campaign, and called for its cancellation.

“We’re shocked by a campaign that uses Holocaust motifs for sales promotion,” said Noah Flug, chairman of the Center of Survivor Organizations.