By Ronen Dorfan

COLOGNE, Germany – A partial list of the things not included in the new television series “The Jews – Story of a Nation”: pictures of Hitler (there are about two to three minutes in all about the Third Reich); the myth of Jewish genius as represented by Einstein and Freud; the myth of Jewish money as represented by the Rothschilds; Jewish humor and Jewish creative artists such as Bashevis-Singer, Woody Allen and Seinfeld; discussion of the State of Israel and the Palestinians; Jewish gangsters, or any bad Jews.

But what there is in this series, the first of its kind created in German, is exceptional frankness and a certain understanding of national psychology. After the first two installments, which deal with the periods of the Bible, the Mishna and the Talmud, the series becomes a detailed and precise exposition of what can be described as unjustified hatred and inhuman cruelty on the part of the Christian world toward the Jews of Europe.

The series is full of “docu-dra ma” reconstructions of historical events by actors. Viewers are spared the actual sight of blood in these scenes, but not the sight of Jews being led to torture or brought to the stake. In addition to the reconstructions, much effort has been made to find documents about the Inquisition, anti-Jewish legislation in Czarist Russia, and reports by cities in Germany of a decline in tax income due to the massacre of the Jews. The cumulative result is almost a pornography of evil, void of ideology.