Former resident found respite from Holocaust memories at public libraries

A charcoal drawing of City Hall has been donated to the citizens of University City by the daughter of famed artist David Friedman. The family lived in U. City from 1959-1986. Miriam Friedman Morris of New York will attend an unveiling of her late father’s drawing at 6:30pm, April 30 during a scheduled U. City Council meeting.

David Friedman(n) born in Mährisch Ostrau, Austria, (now Ostrava, Czech Republic) was an accomplished artist before World War II and the Holocaust. Living in Berlin, he fled the Nazi regime at the end of 1938 to Prague, only to be deported in October 1941 to the Lodz Ghetto, then to Auschwitz-Birkenau, and Gleiwitz I. He survived a Death March to Concentration Camp Blechhammer, Oberschlesien, where he was liberated January 25, 1945 by Soviet troops.

Friedman is best known for his paintings, drawings and etchings titled, Because They Were Jews! This powerful series depicts his horrific experiences in the ghetto and concentration camps. The first series was created 1945-1948 in Prague; the second series, 1963-1964 and 1967 in U. City.