>> Dear Friends,
>> I am interested in contacting survivors from Serock, Poland and
>> nearby communities (e.g., Pultusk, Nasielsk, Wyszkow) because a set
>> of gravestones has been found near the town of Serock. We are
>> hopeful that one day we can restore the Jewish cemetery that once was
>> in Serock and we are trying to find people who have a connection to
>> the town in some way. A co-researcher, Jeff Barnett, and I hired
>> someone last year to go to Serock and photograph the stones so that
>> we could try to identify the names of the people mentioned on the
>> gravestones (see second web site below). This is proving to be a
>> formidable task as the stones are in disrepair. Here are some
>> websites that show the stones, and please share them with survivors
>> who may have lived in the relevant areas of Poland.
>> The first web site, in Polish, has photos of location of the stones.
>> > katalog_mazowsze_serock.html>
>> The second web site, that I created, shows close-ups of the stones
>> and requests translations.
>> > Matzevot.html>
>> Thank you for forwarding this information to survivors.
>> Cordially,

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