Denmark continues to fight anti-Semitism after saving its Jews in Holocaust

A. Carsten Damsgaard
Published: 04.15.07, 11:03 / Israel Opinion

There is no Holocaust memorial in Denmark. In Copenhagen, however, there is a fantastic new Jewish Museum, designed by the renowned architect Daniel Liebeskind, and dedicated to the rich history and culture of the Jewish Community in Denmark. At this museum, the story is told why a Danish Holocaust memorial was never built – the story is about the rescue of the Danish Jews during the Nazi-German occupation of Denmark.

It is a story worth telling – a ray of light in those darkest years of recent European history. In October 1943, the Danish people – ordinary Danes – stood up and spontaneously organized the rescue of their fellow Jewish citizens from Nazi persecution. The bravery of this action is underlined by the mere fact that it was spontaneously organized with no prior planning, and carried out – not by the authorities, but by ordinary citizens who came to the aid of their neighbours, colleagues, and friends – who were regarded as fellow Danes who just happened to be Jewish.