Finding a 60-year-old treasure

This is the incredible story of a collection of 178 family pictures, which were hidden in the walls of a house in Poland just before the Holocaust, only to be found some 60 years later and be returned to their rightful owners

Nira Rousso Published: 04.15.07, 16:50 / Israel Culture

A month ago, on the evening of his mother’s death, Pini Beeri received a phone call from a stranger. “I have something that will interest you,” said the stranger, who identified himself as Zvi Lander. “Can we meet?”

Beeri apologized that he could not, his mother was on her deathbed. Indeed, she died six hours later. Lander arrived at the house between the funeral and the shiva, and handed over an album of 178 previously unseen photographs: photos of the murdered family of Beeri and his sister, Riki Ariel.