A friend remembers Liviu Librescu
Gedeon Dagan, a friend and former colleague of Professor Liviu Librescu, who was killed while barricading the door of his classroom during the Virginia Tech shooting, remembers his life and personal philosophy.

Liviu Librescu was born in 1930 in Romania.

His early childhood was shadowed by the raise of virulent anti-Semitism in Romania, culminating when it joined World War II as a German ally.

An undated image of the late Virginia Tech Professor of Engineering Liviu Librescu
Liviu risked arrest in Romania when his work was published in the West
During the war, Jews in Romania were subjected to severe hardship, including retention in labour camps, which afflicted the Librescu family as well.

The end of the war and the liberation of Romania were followed by a few years of euphoria, in spite of the difficult economic situation.

It was during period that Liviu studied aeronautical engineering and started work as a talented and promising researcher at the Institute of Applied Mechanics of the Romanian Academy.