Stars & Stripes:
Holocaust Survivor Looks Back and Remembers
by Brooklyn Eagle (, published online 04-27-2007

By Cathy SantoPietro

FORT HAMILTON — Last week at the post chapel, Hanne Liebmann, educational outreach counselor at the Holocaust Center in Queensborough Community College, visited Fort Hamilton for the Days of Remembrance Observance.

Liebmann, who was born in Karlsruhe, Province of Baden, Germany, led the audience step by step through her childhood years as a Holocaust survivor.

Hanne recalled how in 1933, Hitler won the German election, and life changed horribly for all Jews. She explained how city and government workers, teachers and many more were dismissed from their jobs. There was little income for Jews, forcing many families to live together. One rent was easier and food could be shared. Things progressively got worse. In 1935, Jews were taken out of society. They could not do anything social — no movies, no restaurants and no swimming pools. Signs were put up, “Jews Not Wanted Here.”