April 16 this year was designated Holocaust Remembrance Day to remember the 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust and to honor the survivors of the most shameful event in world history.

This year’s remembrance day commemorated 60 years since the Holocaust. While those who lived through it share a goal that the world will never forget, they also recognize the time to tell their stories is running out.

Marion Blumenthal Lazan is one of those survivors who want to tell the story firsthand to the last generation that will hear it. A Royersford church gave her that opportunity this week.

Sacred Heart Church in Royersford invited Lazan to share her story with youth, and the greater community, Tuesday night.

“I am always very grateful when I get to speak with a group of youngsters. It’s the lessons learned from that tragic period in our history (the Holocaust) that need to be taught to the children. They need to learn, not blindly follow the leader without checking their hearts and minds about what the consequences might be,” Lazan said.