Dear Searches:

My father is a survivor from Bendzin, Poland. He asked me to send the
following to you, in search of his family. He was separated from his
family when he was taken during the first days of World War II, at age

“My name is Paul Borenstein (Paltyl Borensztajn). I AM SEARCHING FOR MY
FAMILY WHO LIVED IN BENDZIN, POLAND. We were living on 34 Kolentaja.

Mother: Frajdla Frania
Sister: Faigla Fella
Sister: Ruchla Roska
Brother: Alter
Sister: Eatera Easter

Originally, my parents came from Woyjaslaw, near Kielce. I’d be
very grateful for any information about my family.


Thank you very much.


Mark A. Borenstein