Lance Cpl. Daniel R. Todd

CAMP FOSTER, Okinawa (May 4, 2007) — Twenty-one Marines gathered for a prayer breakfast at the Camp Foster Messhall April 26 to remember the victims who suffered and died during the Holocaust.

“Remembering those who suffered during the Holocaust is not a joyful occasion, but it is something we must do,” said Master Sgt. Wilfred W. Alfred, coordinator of the prayer breakfast. “Not because we have to, but because we should. Nobody should ever have to suffer through the atrocities they did.”

The prayer breakfast was one way in which Marine Corps Base participated in the National Days of Remembrance. In 1979, both houses of Congress unanimously passed House Joint Resolution 1014, which designated the National Days of Remembrance as a United States annual commemoration of victims of the Holocaust.

This year’s National Days of Remembrance were observed April 15-21.

“Remembering the Holocaust reminds us of what humans are capable of, and if we don’t take the time to remember it and educate ourselves, what is stopping it from happening again?” said Pfc. Patrick Peplowski, who attended the breakfast.