thank you serena.

My name is Giovana Sanchez and I am a Brazilian Journalist working for the major History Magazine in Brazil, Aventuras na Historia (, from Editora Abril, the biggest publishing company in Latin America ( – here
is an English version of our presentation).

We are about to publish a special issue about the 60th anniversary of the Palestine Division/Birth of Israel State and my article will be about the Holocaust, emphasizing the sons of the survivors.

The idea is to show the life of the sons of the survivors and how they overcame that difficult history in the family.

I would like to know if you could please send out this e-mail to your group? If anyone who is interested and who is son or a daughter of a Survivor, from any country, except Brazil and the US, they can contact me directly at:

I really appreciate your patience and help. Thank you very much.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes,

Giovana Sanchez

Giovana Sanchez
+ 55 11 99156483