From Hanne Hirsch Liebmann, a Survivor, in New York, New York:

I am trying to get in touch with Edgar Specht.

He was in Le Chambon s/Lignon France, from at least 1941 to 1943 in the Swiss Red Cross Childrens Home.

Does anybody know about his present whereabouts?


From Rosian Zerner, a Survivor in Newtonville, Massachusetts:

Dear Serena,

I was in a DP camp at the Ursulinenkloster in Gratz, Austria and perhaps someone in your readership has either been there, knows someone who was there or has contact information for me.

Apparently, this was not for Jews only since my father, Paul Bagriansky, was head of the camp’s Jewish section. I have only very sketchy memories

I am also still searching for children who were with me in Selvino and Avigliano, Italy, after WWII.

Thanks so much Serena,



From John Buckel, a Survivor in Cupertino, California:

Dear Serena,

I recently returned from a trip to Israel to attend a conference of “Children Hidden in Belgium during the Holocaust” and had a special request from one of the attendees who is searching for a “lost” friend. The details, to the extent I know them are:

René Paillouck was hidden by Jeanne Terache in Ath, Belgium along with another boy.

He now resides in Israel and has lost contact with this person who is now presumably residing in the U.S.

Although he realizes that finding this person is a “needle in a haystack” situation, he is hoping that someone in your readership will have known Jeanne Terache and the boys whom she hid so that contact may be reestablished.

Any information would be appreciated.

BTW: Your column is the only place that I read about this conference.

As always, thanks for the good work that you do.

Best Regards,

John Buckel


My name is Leonid Kushnir, and I was born in Ukraine in 1955.

My mother Faina (Faiga), and her sister Mira (Miriam), maiden name Greenger, were born in Radom, Poland.

My grandmother, Maria Greenger, maiden name Letheraundler, was born I believed in Kozhenica, Poland. They escaped the Nazis in 1939, and left for the Ukraine while their father was in jail as a political prisoner.

As far as I know they had many relatives who managed to escape to different countries.

I’ll be very grateful if you will help me locate them.

Also, I am interested in finding out information about my grandfather, Uran Greenger. I am not guaranteed the correctness of the names and last name spelling.

Please contact me with any information.

Best regards,

Leon Kushnir

From Henry Joshua for his wife, Judith Friedman-Joshua, a Survivor, in New York, New York:

I am writing in behalf of my wife, Judith Friedman-Joshua.

She was born on September 10, 1943 to Mayer Friedman and his wife Sura Malke Vogel-Friedman.

Mayer Friedman was the son of Elimelech Dovid Friedman, a prosperous businessman whose address in Kosice was Mathyas Kiiraly Krt. 6.

Elimelech Dovid was born in May 1884. Elimelach Dovid played a prominent role in the Jewish Community of Kosice. He, his wife and some of his 10 children, including Mayer, were murdered in Auschwitz in 1944.

Judith and her mother survived the war by using identification papers listing them as non-Jews with the name of Petranker.

Any information in regard to the above mentioned individuals would be greatly appreciated.


Henry Joshua, PhD


From Herta Griffel Baitch, a Survivor in Baltimore, Maryland:

Dear Serena:

I wonder if any of your correspondents have any information about a concentration camp near Vienna named Maly Trostinets.

I left Vienna and my mother in November, 1940 to come to the USA, at age 7 1/2. At that time, my mother Beila Griffel, and I were living with my mother’s sister-in-law, Lotte Nagel.

I recently learned from the Yad Vashem database that my mother, Beila Griffel, age 46, was transported to Maly Trostinets camp on September 14, 1942, and her date of death there was four days later, on September 18, 1942.

I have never been able to find out what happened to my aunt, Lotte Nagel from any source.

I would welcome any information, of course.

Very sincerely,

Herta Griffel Baitch


From Jan Braunholz, a 2g in Frankfurt/m, Germany:

i´m still looking for any persons or friends of fradel braunholz in lodz, poland. she perished in the ghetto of lodz.

also people of the region of straciunai, lithuania (before it was polish) who knew people with the name braunholz, braunholc, brennholc, brenholc, etc.

thanks and have nice day,



From Ilona Klein, a 2g in Santa Fe, New Mexico:

I am interested in any information regarding my paternal grandparents, Mihaly and Ilona Krausz Klein.

Mihaly Klein, born February 24, 1872 in Nagybanya, Romania to Mozes Klein and Rifka Rachel

Ilona Krausz Klein, born Karolina (Linka) Krausz on March 25, 1882 in Satoraljaujhely, Hungary to Mor Krausz (Moshe Avraham ben Tzvi, died May 28, 1925) and Hani Grosz (Chana bat Dov, died November 23, 1905)

Married August 26, 1900 in Satoraljaujhely. Witnesses: Herman Halasz and Sandor Krausz

Last known address: Virag Street 78, Ujpest

They were deported to Auschwitz in July 1944, but I do not know an exact date.

They had a restaurant/cafe in Pest.

My father, Ferenc (Fred) Klein left the port of Hamburg, Germany on February 26, 1935. I have no information on his passage or port/date of entry to the U.S.

Sincerely yours,

Ilona Klein, granddaughter


From Ruth Wolman, a 2g in Los Angeles, California:

Dear Serena,

Sahlmann Family of Nurenberg

Seeking relatives of JULIUS SAHLMANN. Julius was born in 1915 (approx.) in Nuremberg; married ROSE, came to Brooklyn, NY, in 1938, and later to Pasadena, CA.

JULIUS had a brother KURT, who had a daughter, born after WWII.

Rose Sahlman died recently; friends are hoping to find relatives of the family.

Thanks for any leads.


From Erika DiSalvo, a 2g:

My name is Erika Di Salvo and I am the daughter of Miklos Lancz (my maiden name
was Erika Lancz). His birth date was December 2, 1923.

I was wondering if you would have any information about my dad, Miklos Lancz, who was in a concentration camp – I think Birkenau.

I’m sorry I can’t tell you anything more as he has passed away as well as my mother..