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Seminar and Parlor Speaker Series

Sunday, May 27th – Eli E. Hertz, President, Myths and Facts

The Legal Aspects to the Jewish Rights to the Land of Israel

Using the very same standards now widely applied to deligitimize Israel’s right to exist, would deligitimize the right to exist of most of today’s countries

Opening Remarks by Yaron Gamburg, Deputy Consul General,
Consulate General of Israel

Sunday, June 3rd – Dr. Arieh Eldad MK National Union Party

MK Dr. Eldad opposes all land concessions, a Palestinian state and supports resettlement. As a physician specializing in burn victims, Dr. Eldad reached the ranks of Brigadier General in the IDF and is now a member of the Knesset. He launched the Amichai youth movement to advance Zionism and educate Israeli youth about Israel’s history. Do not expect to hear your usual politician.

(Co-Sponsored by the Israel-Institute)

Sunday, August 5th – Dr. Yaron Brook – Executive Director, Ayn Rand Institute

Dr. Brook is a much sought after lecturer, writer and TV guest. He is known for his radical ideas and passionate speaking style. Dr. Brook is an expert on US foreign policy and the Middle East. He advocates an American foreign policy of self-interest that would morally support Israel and that the sole moral duty of the United States has is to defend its citizens against its enemies by all means. This is not an afternoon to be missed.

Sunday, August 26th – Larry Greenfield – Director, Republican Jewish Coalition

Larry Greenfield is the director of the 3000-member strong Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) of Southern California. Greenfield sees Republican and Jew as completely harmonious terms. Larry will discuss the Presidential election of 2008 and each of the current candidates – and anyone else who declares by this date!

Times and Locations will follow

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