I am looking for child survivors of the Holocaust who lived in Kloster Indersdorf, near Dachau, Germany, right after the war (1945-1948), before they were transported to other countries. There were three different DP Children’s Centers at Kloster Indersdorf: The first DP Children’s Center Kloster Indersdorf, Germany 1945-1946 was led by UNRRA Team 182 (Principal Welfare Officer Greta Fischer). The second center, the ‘Jewish Children’s Center Kloster Indersdorf’ lasted till 1947 and was led by UNRRA Team 1066 and had different Kibbuz organisations from Poland and Hungary. The IRO and Kibbuz Dror were in charge of the last ‘Jewish Children’s Center’ until 1948. Who can remember this time in Kloster Indersdorf?
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Anna Andlauer