Hello, I am currently building my family tree and am discovering a great deal of family that went through the Holocaust. Some I do not know if survived, some the family think died but do not have much information. Maybe you could help?

The names of those who died in the Holocaust are:

Szyffer Nechama and Morgenstern Yossef Aaron from the Polish town of Siedlce/Siedlice (As far as I know died in Treblinka 1942) and their children: Mendel, Libby, Mordechai (all three said to have died in Holocaust).

There are two more I’m not sure about:

Esther (married GELERNTER BAROUH-BERNARD in 1938 in Varsovia and supposedly moved to Belgium)
Morgenstern David Chroulek Israel – moved to USA and died in 1988. I have no further information about him or his family. If you have any idea how I can try and reach his family there it would be a great help.

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