Banks Spurn Bid to Return Holocaust Survivors’ Assets

By Shahar Ilan

IHC Abstract
Shahar Ilan describes the latest bureaucratic obstacles to Holocaust victim families regaining some of their assets taken during the Holocaust. In Israel, a government company in charge of locating, retrieving and concentrating assets, locating victims’ heirs and returning the property is intending to publish a list of names and properties. This list is not complete but does include 500 lots, 50 apartments and NIS 60 million that is being held in various bank accounts. However, the company asserts that several banks, including Bank Leumi, have not fully cooperated with the company’s requests. The banks seem to be negotiating the amounts due the heirs, including issues as to the amount of profits on assets such as interest. Two Members of Knesset have threatened to petition the High Court of Justice to force the return of assets to Holocaust victims’ heirs.

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Source: Haaretz

Abstract written by Jennifer Rifkin, an IHC volunteer

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