Hello, please dedicate a couple of minutes to read this message. It is extremely important to me. It is my last hope of attaining my wish. I am a 72 year old Holocaust survivor. Now that all my daughters and some of my grandchildren are married and, thank G-d, having lived to defy the Nazi plot by having a large family who lives in Israel, I feel a need to seek a final closure to my life history.

I was a young child during the war, and I don’t remember much from that period. In spite of carrying out an in-depth and protracted research, there are still many holes in my story – the story of a little girl who lost almost all her family. True, one of many, but for me they were my entire world and all that encompasses it.

I am looking for people who crossed with me the border from France to Switzerland via Anemasse on Oct 20th 19.43 Once in Switzerland, I arrived at Croppets, apparently the place where all children who crossed the border were gathered and looked after by the OSE. From there I was transferred to the ‘Henry Dunant’ orphanage centre in Geneva. The children who crossed with me should be today in their 70s.
Please try to remember. Do you know a neighbour, a distant relative, a friend of
your mother/grandmother, or someone else who was there or might know someone who was? These women, if still alive, can be anywhere in the world now, and their family names have probably changed since.

The names of those I am searching for are:

Palestrant Lizette , daughter of David and Hanna, born 29th of Oct, 1936 in Poland
Sobelman Suzanne daughter of Albert and Celine, born 18th of April, 1936, Paris
Rosenberg Liba born 26th of April, Poland, and her brother Paul, born on the 20th of February, 1935, in Paris to Wolf (Zeev) and Rivka (Rebecca)
Issack Mylan (I’m not sure which is his surname) born the 26th of May, 1937, in Milano. Son of Herbert and Hinda.
Dora Israel-Menasse (I’m not sure which is her maiden name) and her children – Robert, born in 1929, and Fortuni, born in 1940 .
For any details, please contact me :

In hopes of finding some clue – thank you very much !
Jenny .