Holocaust Survivors Suffer Anew

What started as a scandal in Israel is becoming a cause for compassion among Christians in the West — the many thousands of World War II Holocaust survivors living in poverty, often with severe medical problems.

Earlier this year the Holocaust Survivors’ Welfare Fund generated shock waves with a report that upwards of one-third of Israel’s 250,000 Holocaust survivors are living under the poverty line, many having to choose between food and medicine. The fund is seeking to boost government assistance to the survivors, three-fourths of whom are older than 76.

God’s Grace International, a Wisconsin ministry founded by industrialist Roger West, has taken up the cause. “How is it that these survivors of the Holocaust were liberated from prison camps, but are now imprisoned by poverty?” the group asks in its fundraising communications.

E-mail ctaylor@godsgraceinternational.org. Other ministries to Holocaust survivors include Forsake Them Not (Christian Friends of Israel), Project Tikvah (Bridges for Peace) and the Helping Hand Coalition.

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