Katie Davies

A JEWISH centre in Golders Green has used its holocaust expertise to help people in China deal with the way they were treated during the Japanese invasion.

Experts from the London Jewish Cultural Centre (LJCC) hope the shared experiences of persecutors and survivors in Europe can help people in Asia come to terms with historical events such as the Nanjing massacre, where between 150,000 and 300,000 Chinese were killed by the Japanese army.

Formal conciliation between the two countries is yet to take place but leaders at the North End Road centre feel learning about the Jewish experience could help.

LJCC overseas director Jeremy Gotel said: “Most of our international work is centred on where the largest concentration of holocaust victims were – Eastern Europe.

“But I had the idea three or four years ago to go to China. Things like the Nanjing massacre are still sore points for the Chinese because there has been no complete recognition by Japan.