To Whom It May Concern:

We would like to inform you about our latest project, entitled “Documenting Wallenberg: An Archive of Testimonials”, for which we have been meeting with Holocaust Survivors who were affected by the courageous efforts of Raoul Wallenberg, and videotaping their testimonies in an interview setting with the aim of preserving their stories for future generations.

We at the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation would greatly appreciate any help your organization can offer us with regard to this ongoing campaign. Attached you will find a copy of our latest press release, which we are in the process of sending to various publications, associations,
and synagogues. If you are able to publish the enclosed press release in any bulletin or newsletter you may have, as well as on your website, our campaign would benefit enormously.

The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation is a non-profit organization based in New York City, which strives to promote values of solidarity, civic courage, and inter-faith acceptance. The IRWF is also dedicated to finding satisfactory answers to the disappearance and whereabouts of Raoul Wallenberg, as well as honoring and celebrating his legacy.

Raoul Wallenberg was a Swedish-born diplomat who saved the lives of over 100,000 Jews in 1944, who was abducted by the Soviets in 1945, and never seen again. The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation is committed to honoring his memory, as well as celebrating and upholding his legacy.

It is imperative that we find and document these stories of survival before they are lost, and your help is invaluable.

If you would like further information about our organization, and our programs, please visit our website at

Thank you,


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