Jerusalem – Some 3,000 protesters, including Holocaust survivors and students, marched in Jerusalem Sunday to protest a government decision to grant survivors a monthly stipend of around 20 dollars, an amount the marchers said is far too small. Although Prime Minister Ehud Olmert agreed last week to reconsider the decision, the protesters said they wanted it officially revoked and a viable alternative presented.

Also, they said the plan would involve increased payments in future years, but by then more survivors would probably have died.

A government spokesman said Olmert would meet with representatives of survivors on Wednesday, promising “”all measures will be taken to bring about a satisfactory solution to the matter.”

The “March of the Living” protest took place outside Olmert’s Jerusalem office.

Survivors’ groups have said poverty is a major concern among many Holocaust victims and they are in need of additional financial support.

They called the proposed stipend a “disgrace.”

However, Minister of Welfare Yitzhag Herzog told Israel Radio the government was the first to address the survivors’ needs and was trying to correct “decades of wrongdoings.”

Olmert himself said the protest was politically motivated, local media reported.