Report on government aid to Holocaust survivors reveals ‘severe shortcomings’ in authorities’ handling of issue. Comptroller faults Israel for bureaucratic foot-dragging which ignores survivors’ age, deteriorating health

Ynet reporters
Published: 08.15.07, 11:40 / Israel News

State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss published Wednesday a special report on the aid given to Holocaust survivors in Israel, revealing “severe shortcomings” in the authorities’ handling of the issue.

More Delay

“The state and its branches’ activities to support the survivors are carried out indolently. Considering the fact that the survivor population is old, ailing and decreasing in numbers each year, the government must expedite efforts to treat it and do the utmost to ease its suffering,” the comptroller’s report said.

According to the report, bureaucratic obstacles and foot-dragging characterized the state’s treatment of the survivors.

The report also stated that Israel’s failure to legally define who should be eligible for survivor status has contributed to the delay in helping the survivors. The comptroller estimated that some 143,000 Holocaust survivors do not receive financial support from the state.

A special chapter in the report was dedicated to the gaps between the survivors who receive their allowances from the Israeli government, and those who get a monthly stipend from the German government. While the pension from Israel stands at NIS 1,040, the one from Germany reaches NIS 2,400 per month.