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Holocaust children to sue Germany

Class action lawsuit demands compensation equal to that given to orphans of Nazi soldiers. Organizers: ‘They cared for the murderers’ children while we were forgotten’

David Regev
Published: 09.05.07, 13:21

Tens of thousands of adults who survived the Holocaust as children are planning a class action lawsuit against the German government demanding compensation for their ruined childhoods.

Committee holds sixth meeting to discuss application of Holocaust Victims Assets Law. So far only three inheritors receive funds

Over 1.5 million Jewish children were murdered during the Holocaust. Today some 250,000 survivors who were aged 0-15 during the war still remain with us. Many lost their entire families and grew up alone, in Israel and various nations all over the world.

While quite a few of these survivors have privately sought reparations from Germany, there has never been a comprehensive lawsuit unifying their demands.