Are German Jews Ignoring the Signs?
Some experts believe Germany’s conciliatory attitude toward the Jews could be short-lived and that tolerance education programs are not reaching the worst of the anti-Semites.

By Ryan Jones

Jews ignored the call of Theodor Herzl, the father of modern Zionism, to reclaim their biblical homeland and flee the European continent where it was becoming increasingly popular to blame the small Jewish minority for national problems. A generation later, two-thirds of European Jewry perished in the Holocaust.

Today, the remnant of Jews in Germany again feel secure and prosperous in their host nation and are again rejecting warnings of increasing anti-Semitic trends that could lead to future atrocities.

In fact, Jewish leaders in Germany have warned Israel against dispatching Nativ, an organization that once encouraged some 200,000 Jews to move to Germany from the former Soviet Union, to urge them to again pack their bags and move to Israel. more