Israel asks Germany to fund Holocaust survivors’ stipends

By Anshel Pfeffer, Haaretz Correspondent

Israel has asked the German government to fund an annual NIS 150 million in stipends for about 8,000 Holocaust survivors. Representatives of the prime minister on Sunday provided survivor organizations with a summary of their negotiations, including a few new details.

Under the deal, the key new benefit is a stipend for 8,000 concentration camp and ghetto survivors who previously had not been receiving anything. These survivors will now be entitled to a monthly NIS 1,000 stipend and service vouchers worth an annual NIS 2,400. The total value of this package is slated to rise to NIS 1,600 a month by 2010.

“Compensation for this group, an estimated 8,000 people, will be funded by the German government,” the summary states.