Report: Claims Conference withholding money from survivors

Report commissioned by Jewish Agency, minister for pensioners’ affairs finds organization entrusted with managing reparation funds is holding back huge sums of money instead of giving it to survivors

Michal Grievsky Published: 09.23.07, 10:15 / Israel Jewish Scene

Tens of thousands of Holocaust survivors in Israel and abroad are suffering from financial hardship.

However, while these Holocaust survivors are waging a struggle in Israel for a monthly stipend of a few hundred shekels, it turns out the Conference for Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, which is managing the assets and reparation funds for survivors, has in its possession a large amount of money that is not getting to survivors in Israel.

These grave accusations regarding the Claims Conference’s handling of reparation funds are detailed in a rough draft of a report commissioned by the Jewish Agency and the minister for pensioners’ affairs, Rafi Eitan.

The findings indicate that the Claims Conference possesses an estimated $1 billion of liquid assets in addition to other material holdings all around the world that are worth an unknown amount