Inspirational Holocaust Memoir, To No Man’s Glory, Released as eBook

To No Man’s Glory, a widely acclaimed account of a three-year-old orphan’s survival of the Holocaust, has been released for the first time as a downloadable eBook.

Eagle Point, OR, September 23, 2007 –(– Author Victoria Harnish Benson has released a downloadable version of her frankly inspirational book, To No Man’s Glory: A Child’s Journey From Holocaust To Healing. The book is based on the Holocaust experiences of her husband, Vincent Benson.

Mr. Benson, born Arturs Lejnieks, was 3 years old when Germany invaded Poland and the Baltics. A Jewish orphan living in Riga, Latvia, he was forced to flee into the woods and roam the land in the care of strangers for nearly 4 years. Repeatedly captured, rescued and recaptured, he was the only child to survive his prison camp. Possibly the youngest survivor of the Holocaust in Latvia, a country who lost all but 1 to 2% of her Jewish children.