Holocaust survivor featured in ETSU museum exhibit

Monday, Oct 01, 2007 – 01:07 AM

By Amy Hunter
Fred Jarvis walked out of his bedroom on Sunday afternoon carrying a nearly 700-page book. His aged hands trembled as he dropped it on a family room table with a thud.

The book was heavy with the weight of the 300,000 names it contained – every French Jew killed in World War II.

For nearly 40 years after escaping from a concentration camp in France, Jarvis had no idea what happened to his parents. When this book was published in 1983, he finally knew.

“It’s excruciating being without parents, without family, and thinking about that every day of your life, he said. “But I finally found out they were killed the day they arrived at Auschwitz in 1942.”

“It’s the only memorial I have,” he said.