Holocaust survivor sheds light on one of history’s darkest eras
Speaks at Jefferson High School
By Merritt Melancon | Staff Writer |
JEFFERSON – Sixty years passed before anyone asked Holocaust survivor Richard Stashevsky about his story.

But Tuesday, with dozens of Jefferson High School history and government students listening, he imparted one of history’s most abhorrent lessons.

Stashevsky spent almost his entire childhood in German-occupied Warsaw during World War II.

His father was killed and he was gravely wounded by shrapnel when the first bombs fell on Warsaw in 1939, as the Nazis invaded. The infrastructure of the town was demolished and communication within the city stopped.

“You young people can’t understand the devastation bombing causes,” he told the class. “Families working in different parts of the city didn’t know if their loved ones were alive or dead. They didn’t know what had happened to them or where to look for them. Some of them are still looking now, 60 years later.”