Staff Reporter of the Sun
October 1, 2007

A day after a third Brooklyn synagogue was painted with swastikas in less than a week, the police commissioner, Raymond Kelly, appeared with Israel’s foreign minister and ambassador in Brooklyn Heights yesterday to condemn the attacks.

Mr. Kelly said police have flooded the neighborhood searching for the individual who left 23 anti-Semitic markings inside a six-block radius on Monday, including swastikas spray-painted on the steps of two synagogues. Early Saturday, a third synagogue was painted with swastikas and derogatory statements in Bensonhurst, but police said they believe the incidents are unrelated. “When anti-Semitism raises its ugly head, it needs to get an answer,” Israel’s minister of foreign affairs, Tzipi Livni, said at the news conference in front of the Brooklyn Heights Synagogue, one of those struck last week. “This is the right message to those who are trying to exploit our tolerance,” she added of the large police presence at the event, which also included Jewish leaders and Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Dan Gillerman.