By ANGELA CHARLTON – 4 days ago

PARIS (AP) — Who is to blame for the killing of 1.5 million Jews in Nazi-occupied Ukraine? And what can be done now to dispel age-old anti-Semitism in Ukraine, honor Jewish dead and move on?

For the first time, scholars from around the world shared documents and knowledge about the Holocaust in Ukraine at a conference this week in Paris dedicated to this poorly understood passage in Adolf Hitler’s torrent of terror across the continent.

The talks were not easy, as resentment, frustration and emotion bubbled repeatedly to the surface among the researchers from Israel, Ukraine, Germany, the United States and elsewhere.

While no major surprises emerged, pieces of Ukraine’s Holocaust story came together as never before: killings of Jews in western Ukraine before the Nazis arrived, botched Soviet orders to evacuate Jews from the encroaching Germans, mass grave sites only now being discovered — even as long-known Jewish grave sites are being abandoned, razed or used as open-air markets.