Adam Beitman

The Jewish Writings / Hannah Arendt / Schocken Books, 2007 / 640 pages
In this newly published compilation, The Jewish Writings (Schocken, 2007), we are introduced to a side of Hannah Arendt rarely seen in her major writings on political philosophy. This side, the Jewish side, is the focus of the approximately forty journal articles, book reviews, letters, and essays collected here. Written between the 1930’s and the 1960’s, many of the pieces are published here for the first time. The articles mainly concern the interpretation of the most important events in Jewish politics and recent history: the evolution of “€œJew-hatred” into modern political anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, early and later Zionism, Israeli/Arab relations, and the politics of Diaspora Jewry. As is characteristic of Arendt’s writings, no individual or ideology of the Right or the Left escapes unscathed.