Dear Editor,

Thanks to Dr. Salomea Kape’s thoughtful “Searching for Daniel” in the September 2007 issue of Together.

I was moved by Dr. Salomea Kape’s story regarding Dr. Daniel Weiskopf of Lodz, Poland. Her story was corroborated by what I heard my parents tell as I was growing up in Lodz where I lived with them until 1959 and we all emigrated to the U.S. Dr. Kape may have known my parents, who like herself were among the 600 left in August 1944 in the Lodz Ghetto who eventually went into hiding as Dr. Weiskopf and his family to continue to resist the Nazi plans to exterminate al those who were left. She may have known my parents, Abraham Bursztajn and Miriam Briks, each now deceased but who each left a legacy which included telling me, their son regarding Dr. Weiskopf’s thoughtful courage. Together with other stories of courageous doctors in the Lodz ghetto, these narratives motivated my own turn to medicine. Please feel free to pass along this note to Dr. Salome Kape and let her know that I would be delighted to make contact with her to hear more as well as to work towards her goal of remembering Dr. Weiskopf in Lodz. Perhaps he project currently underway at the Haifa University Medical School to teach physicians regarding the ethical dillemas faced by physiciansduring the Shoah and to relate these narratives to medical decision making dillemas today may also have interest is this vital goal.

Also please feel free to post on the web site and publish in Together the following story regarding my father’s experience with doctors in the Lodz gheto during the Shoah as well as a photograph which includes my mother and her working group in the Lodz ghetto which helped to create hiding places for the resistance remanents. Ok to include my e-mail adress for those who want to contact me directly. Also I wonder how I can read a copy of Dr. Edmund Wilameski’s book regarding doctors from Lodz murdered by Nazis during the Shoah mentioned in Dr. Salomea Kape’s moving essay.

Hope I can continue to be of help.

Harold J. Bursztajn M.D.
Program in Psychiatry and the Law
@BIDMC of the Psychiatry Department of Harvard Medical School