Postal Company asked to issue stamp with swastika

Haifa resident tries to take advantage of ‘my stamp’ service, asks for stamp bearing his image wearing black shirt with swastika sign on his left arm. Postal Company CEO: I am the son of Holocaust survivors; this was a great shock

Meital Zur Published: 10.14.07, 22:48 / Israel News

A young man from Haifa recently approached the Israel Postal Company and asked that it issue a stamp bearing his image wearing a black shirt, with a swastika sign on his left arm.

In the photo, the young man also has a Hitler-style mustache.

The Postal Company provides a service called “My stamp” in which it each person can send the company their photo and receive a sheet of stamps bearing the picture, which can then be used when sending letters. The service is available to all people and stamps can be ordered via the internet.