I am trying to find survivors of the Holocaust (first & second generation) originating from Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki, a town near Warsaw, which had a population of 4000 Jews before WW II.

My search has two aims:

1. Finding what happened to an aunt of mine & her 6 years old (in 1942) daughter. I am sure the mother died as she was very sick. But I have reasons to believe that the daughter (who would now be 71) may have survived hidden outside the ghetto.

If alive she would be the only surviving member of my family on my mother’s side. None survived on my father’s side in Warsaw.

An other possible path of my search is to find people who may know something about Henryk Jozwiak a catholic priest who saved in Nowy Dwor a Jewish girl now 75 & living in Holon, Israel, by hiding her & giving her false papers.
He was betrayed & killed by the germans.
His church was (& still is) located at #1 Warszawska ulica.
My aunt lived close by at #14 in the same street.
So there are chances he may have been involved in saving more than one child.

I also have other reasons to believe the daughter may have survived based on the last four postcards from the mother that my parents received in France in 1941-1942.

2. Any information gathered about my family will help me to complete the scarce data I have prior to submitting the names to Yad Vashem list of victims.

If you have a way of publicizing my search at the Conference I would provde all the details required which include names, age,genealogy, letters & pictures of my aunt & her daughter.

Thanks in advance,
Joseph Blank
Montreal, Canada
(contact Holocaustchild@comcast.net for additional contact information)

I have found 2 survivors of Nowy Dwor residing in a street named Nowy Dwor in Holon. The information they were able to provide in telephone conversations has been helpful but not sufficient.