A Master’s Degree in Relating Past Horrors to Generations Today

As the Holocaust recedes further into history and eyewitnesses die, a college in Berlin has designed a graduate degree course to teach students how to communicate the Nazi genocide to today’s public.

Seven graduate students sit around a table in a small seminar room at Touro College in a residential neighborhood of western Berlin. They’re looking over a reading list while a professor explains the focus of the upcoming semester. The students’ surroundings are almost idyllic; the small campus sits nestled among chestnut trees, the Havel River murmurs just steps away, and the sun is shining on the kind of cool, crisp day.

But these seven graduate students are embarking on a course of study that will have them focused for the next two years on one of the most horrifying events in the history of mankind, the murder of 6 million Jews by the Nazis.