Sharing keeps the history alive
By Tabitha Yang
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Holocaust scholar Michael Berenbaum dreams of becoming irrelevant. He wants his work to become irrelevant, he told his audience on Sunday, because when that day comes, it will mean the world is becoming a better place.

Berenbaum, a respected author, historian and Florida State alumnus, addressed a crowd of educators, Holocaust survivors and others at FSU as part of a two-day workshop for teachers. The workshop aims to help teachers learn more about the Holocaust so they can present it appropriately to their students.

Berenbaum, who teaches at the University of Judaism in Los Angeles, talked about the importance of safeguarding and encouraging respect for others. He also spoke of genocides today, such as the Rwandan genocide in 1994, and the need for nations to take a stand against unjust mass killings, not just in their words but by taking action