The cabinet approved an NIS 250 million cut in ministerial budgets to finance the increase.
Lilach Weissman 29 Oct 07 14:22
The government has approved a cut of NIS 250 million or 0.85% of all ministerial budgets to finance the increase in benefits to needy Holocaust survivors and the elderly. The cuts will also apply to the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Education, which were not affected by the previous round of cuts. The Education Ministry budget will be cut by NIS 26 million, and defense expenditure will be cut by NIS 30 million.
Last week, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Minister of Finance Ronnie Bar-On, and Minister of Welfare Isaac Herzog presented the government’s aid package for the impoverished elderly, including Holocaust survivors. The package calls for the provision of an extra NIS 1.5 billion in benefits.